> Sunday April 16, 2017

Just married, a History of Marriage

Just married, a History of Marriage
Exuberant or simple, a wedding dress always speaks to the imagination. It expresses all the emotions of a rite of passage. Wedding dresses have a symbolic meaning that reaches far beyond any other outfit.

From the late 18th century until the present day, the exhibition presents more than two hundred years of bridal fashion.
Tuesday February 9, 2017

Leçon de Mode 14

Leçon de Mode 14

Memoirs of a robe of emotion.

Language and symbolism of an exceptional scenography

A fascinating encounter between aesthetic and moral symbols, a timeless dialogue between traditional outfits and personal outfits: the wedding dress, a true lesson in fashion.

Olivia Luce Meyer is the curator of the exhibition and a professor of history and sociology of costumes and fashion. She also gives lessons on costume design.

In the frame of the exhibition Just Married, a history of marriage

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> Sunday March 5, 2017

Textile Box: Skimming the surface

Textile Box: Skimming the surface

As a textile designer, Louise Limontas is particularly interested in materials. Her creation process is enriched by ancient techniques, traditions and customs rooted in her everyday life.

In a nostalgic and magical atmosphere, in the personal space of the Textile Box, the artist reveals her ambiguous creatures and jewellery sets. Either with a set of lace or forgotten embroidered motifs, or with familiar objects and plant-based materials which bring to mind local celebrations, Louise's complete or fragmented silhouettes roam free like nymphs skimming the surface…

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